Been working on a few different styles of earrings & charms lately. I have luv'd working w/ my new materials like watermelon Jade, Swarovski Crystals etc. All of my new earrings I've been making also have sterling silver ear hooks. I've bee working on different lengths so there's a lil something for everyone. My charms also are made w/ some of the genuine stones & crystals I have in stock. Charms have been a lot of fun to make. You can wear them just about anywhere you can think..from purses to backpacks & I've even had someone  wear them on a belt loop.
I'm always looking to improve & make pieces my customers would luv. I'd enjoy any feed back or suggestions you may have..let me know if there are any styles u'd like to see & I'd be happy to incorporate them. It's been a lot of fun so far & look forward to making lots more jewelry..Also I'm working on some details for a holiday sale..So U will be able to do a lil Xmas shopping and have the gifts sent to your friend, loved one, or that special someone with gift wrapping & a lil message that u've created. Leave me a comment here with your feed back..thanks Christy


Donna Stewart
09/29/2012 5:57pm

Hello, My Daughter and I love your earrings and I wanted to ask you if you will do custom colors. She likes purple and wanted the chain earrings but wants to know if you can make them purple to match a dress she has. Thank you Donna & Tori Stewart

09/29/2012 6:05pm

Hi Donna & Tori...thank you I'm glad U guys like my earrings. I'd b glad to make U a purple pair of chain earrings..I can customize almost any piece on my site as long as I have or can get the materials..just let me know the item # of the pair ur daughter liked and I'd b happy to make them for her..thanks again..


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