I've been working on a few new projects like these cute cherry charms. This one in the pic is about 2" long and adorable to hang on a purse zipper or even a backpack. I've created a few different ones in different lengths and styles. I wear one on my purse and the neat thing is you can easily change them out depending on what colors you're wearing or the style of the bag.
Check em out on my Charms & Things page..I've also been working on more daisy chain rings & bracelets. You can now get a set of 3 for $5 or mix & match..my Mom had a cute idea of wearing the bracelet as an anklet since it's made of elastic it will fit..also she wears the matching ring as a toe ring..Such a neat idea..Check back soon for Pet Charms! Now you can bling your pet out!! Thanks for keeping up with all I've been doing..if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know! Christy


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